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What to wear

Download ‘What To Wear’ sheet here

Hunters/Riding Horses

Riders should wear tweed jacket with collar & tie, though a coloured stock is acceptable. Plain leather gloves & a show cane, with boots
or half chaps. A correctly fitting hat with safety harness. Breeches should be plain, preferably beige.

Working Show Horse/Pony

As for hunters but the wrong colour jacket will not be penalised.


Male riders wear as above, but lady riders may wear navy or black jackets. If you are unsure whether your horse is a hack or riding horse

wear what you think is appropriate, and the judges will put you on the right track, but you will in no way be penalised if you get it wrong!


As for Hunters.


Horses and ponies should be plaited except cobs who should be hogged, except for traditional types in the working show horse/pony class. It is also considered correct dress for ADULT riders to wear spurs or dummy spurs, but this is optional.

Simple snaffle, Simple Pelham or Double Bridle.

Working horse/pony riders should remember that their horse must remain in the same tack throughout the class.

If you are lucky enough to get through to the final championship at HOYS, adult riders should wear white or cream stock, men may wear a red hunting coat with top boots if appropriate for their type of horse.

Don’t let this put you off – it’s amazing what you can borrow!


Grooms must be neatly, appropriately turned out AND MUST wear a hard hat.

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