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SFAS RDA Showing Championship

Open to any horse and independent rider associated to an RDA Group, this exciting new series began in 2017.

Dates, venues, judges and other information for the 2020 season will be available mid to late February


Continuing on from the successful introduction of the RDA showing at the RDA National Championships at Hartpury in 2016, a showing series has been introduced with three opportunities to try and qualify to compete at the BSHA National Championships at Addington Manor in September.

The competition is open any to rider associated to an RDA Group who can walk and trot independently. Entry is subject to the Groups approval for each horse and rider. Stewards will be on hand to explain what to do but all competitors will enter the arena together, walk and trot on each rein and line up. Riders will then be asked to give a short show that can include canter but this is not necessary, just a good display showing the best of the horse and rider.

Any type of horse is able to compete and the class will be judged 30% conformation, 30% turnout and 40% suitability, manners and way of going, so giving a good show within the horses capability will be the way to success.

After giving a show the horse and rider will be asked to come out of line and stand for the conformation judge to have a good look at the animal.

If numbers of entries are high the class will be split into sections with the top competitors returning for a final judging.

Riders should be neatly turned out, clean and tidy but tack and saddlery suitable for the rider not the show ring will be encouraged.

Two from each of the qualifiers, so six competitors will go forward to the BSHA Championship and will have the chance to take part in the evening performance (with the opportunity of wearing evening dress) for the final judging.