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M&M Championship 2018

Could this be your year to qualify for Your Horse Live?


NEW FOR 2018!

SEIB Search for a Star Mountain and Moorland.

Championship at Your Horse Live on 9th November 2018.

Search for a Star is designed to give amateur rider and owners and opportunity to compete at a prestigious event. Your Horse Live welcomes over 24,500 visitors and the main arena has seating for just under 3,000.

This is a unique opportunity to compete for the title of SEIB Search for a Star Champion 2018 and so many horses and ponies have gone on to success after taking part in the Search for a Star experience where we give you advice, help and support along the way.

Run by professionals and the standards imposed are identical to those applied to professionals. One fundamental difference is that at the Championship the judges will use radio microphones to give their thoughts and explain their decisions. Don’t be worried they will not publically criticise your pony.

All ponies exhibited in the SEIB Search for a Star M&M class must be registered in the main body of the Pure Bred M&M Stud Book of their respective breeds at the time of entry and entered in the name and ownership under which they are currently registered.

All ponies exhibited in the SEIB Search for a Star M&M classes are to be trimmed only within their Breed Society specification. Manes must not be plaited and tails not braided. No false hair or hair dyeing allowed. Ponies are restricted to the height limits laid down by their appropriate Breed Societies Large Breeds must not exceed 148cms, with the exception of Dales and Welsh Section D Cobs for which the respective Breed Society definition includes larger height ponies.

CONNEMARA 12.2hh – 14.2hh (128cm – 148cm)
DALES Preferred height range 14hh – 14.2hh (142.2cm – 148cm) (Ponies above and below this range to be placed at the discretion of
the judges)
DARTMOOR Not exceeding 12.2hh (127cm)
EXMOOR Preferred height range Geldings 11.3hh – 12.3hh (119.4cm – 129.5cm) Mares 11.2hh – 12.2hh (116.8cm – 127cm)
FELL Not exceeding 14hh (142.2cm)
HIGHLAND Not exceeding 14.2hh (148cm)
NEW FOREST Not exceeding 14.2hh (148cm)
SHETLAND Not exceeding 42 inches (107cm)
WELSH A Not exceeding 12hh (121.9 cm)
WELSH B Not exceeding 13.2hh (137.2 cm)
WELSH C Not exceeding 13.2hh (137.2 cm)
WELSH D Exceeding 13.2hh (137.2 cm) no upper height limit

Quick overview of some of the rules:

No stallions and no riders under 12 years of age on 1st January 2018. However, please read the rules and regulations carefully you will find them on www.search4astar.org.uk and follow the link to M & M’s. You need to be aware that we are very strict with our policing of our amateur status as in our rules.

The classes will be marked 50% for conformation and 50% for performance.

First 3 ponies in each class will qualify for the Championship at Your Horse Live

Want To Become A Star?
Simply complete and return the attached entry form with your entry fee made payable to SEIB to SFAS M & M, SEIB Insurance Brokers, South Essex House, North Road, South Ockendon, Essex, RM15 5BE, call 01708 850040 or email srobb@seib.co.uk. Please ensure your email address is written clearly as this will be the method by which we will communicate with you.