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To view and purchase photographs from the competition taken by photographer Sue Robb.

Catch up with everything new at the Horse of the Year Show website.

This is a competition sponsored by South Essex Insurance Brokers to support and encourage the re-education of racehorses taken out of racing and re-educated for social riding, affiliated or unaffiliated competition.

We are independent insurance brokers and members of the IIB (Institute of Insurance Brokers) and that means your premiums are held safely in a secure account and that we are answerable should we make a mistake in the advice that we give.

The Animals Act permits secondary legislation for a review of the Riding Establishment Act and in the future the licensing of all equine businesses in addition to the current licensing of riding schools. In order to push this matter forward with DEFRA it is necessary to have information on welfare issues. World Horse Welfare has set up a web site where horse owners are invited to contribute on a survey about livery yards.